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There are hungry people! One year after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, almost 500 thousand lives have been lost due to the disease in Brazil and millions of unemployed, hungry and destitute people. To face this tragedy, Coalizão Negra por Direitos (Black Coalition for Rights), Anistia Internacional Global Movement, Oxfam Brasil Organization, Redes da Maré Institution, ABCD (Brazilian Action to Combat Inequalities), 342 Artes Group, Nossas – Network of Activism, Ethos Institution, Orgânico Solidário Platform, Prerrô Group and Fundo Brasil launch the humanitarian support campaign to raise funds for actions against hunger, misery and violence.

Our objective is to distribute food and hygiene and cleaning products to 222,895 families in vulnerable situations, mapped in all regions of Brazil. Make your donation and help thousands of people!

As stated in the poem by Solano Trindade which inspires this campaign: if there are hungry people, give them something to eat!




Editing: Thiago Fernandes
Narration: Bianca Santana
Screenplay: Bianca Santana, Adriana Moreira, Douglas Belchior, Aline Costa and Wesley Teixeira
Images: Thiago Fernandes and Brasil de Fato
Arts: Gabriela Zanotto

Participate in this video:

1. Emicida
2. Camila Pitanga
3. Antônio Pitanga
4. Ailton Graça
5. Zezé Motta
6. Jonathan Azevedo
7. Fabrício Oliveira
8. Zeca Pagodinho
9. Mart’nália
10. Paula Lima
11. Pregador Luo
13. MV Bill – Cantor
14. Flávia Oliveira
15. Djamila Ribeiro
16. Ailton Krenak
17. Babalaô Ivanir
18. Pr. Ariovaldo
19. Pr. Henrique Vieira
20. Raul Santiago
22. Sueli Carneiro – GELEDÉS
23. Cida Bento – CEERT
24. Hélio Santos – IBD
25. Ieda Leal – MNU
26. Ângela Guimarães – UNEGRO
27. Belle Damasceno – Iniciativa Negra
28. Douglas Belchior – UNEAFRO
29. Eliana – Redes da Maré
30. Regina Adami – IROHIN
31. Iyá Sandrali – RENAFRO
32. Jovanna Baby – FONATRANS
33. Lúcia Xavier – CRIOLA
34. Monica Oliveira – ANEPE
35. Selma Dealdina – CONAQ
36. Wesley Teixeira – FEED
37. Zélia Amador – CEDENPA-PA
38. Sr. Vitor e Elis Trindade (sobrinhos de Solano Trindade)